KEL Chemicals Ltd do not impact negatively to human and environment.

We adhere to Environmental Management Plan and compliant with Environment Management control Act, 1999. The factory has no solid waste from the plants and no liquid effluents. The only waste is from sulphur pits and is taken out only once in a year, in very small quantities. This is used for building internal roads.


KEL Chemicals operates within the tenets of good corporate citizenship. We are strong believers in giving back to the societies within which we operate, and empowering the people to live better and achieve more in life.

In line with this, KEL Chemicals under Dawa Group organizes various charity activities in line with each company’s objectives, through which individual companies and volunteer their time, professionals, as well as products and financial resources to assist the needy.

Most of our activities focus on providing healthcare at no cost to extremely needy communities. We also collaborate with like-minded organizations to offer free medical camps for the poor.

Health and Safety

In order to create awareness among employees, KEL Chemicals Ltd has put in place an elaborate environment management, occupational health and safety education program.

This program have training modules on areas such as:

  • Health and safety Committees Training programmes
  • Fire and First Aid training Programmes
  • Sustainable resource use and conservation
  • Waste handling and management
  • Environment-friendly practices at the workplace
  • Occupational health and safety
  • Hazard management

Emergency Preparedness and Response Program

KEL Chemicals Ltd has documented its emergency preparedness and response plan. The plan identifies emergencies that the company can be faced with and has come up with specific recommendations to enhance preparedness and response.

Among the emergency categories addressed in this program are fire and explosions. The program outlines the procedure to be followed in case of emergency in what is referred to as the “evacuation plan”

Fire Emergency Response

The KEL Chemicals Ltd has been equipped with adequate fire fighting facilities that are serviced on a regular basis. Emergency exits, fire points, first aid boxes are provided and assembly points are marked. The company has fifteen trained fire marshals.