Uses of Sulfuric Acid Technical Grade

  • In fertilizer production such as superphosphate and ammonium sulphate
  • In orthophosphoric acid making. Orthophosphoric acid is then used In fertilizers and detergents (trisodium phosphate)
  • Preparation: Ca3F(PO4)3 +5H2SO4+10H2O>5CaSP4 *2H2O+HF+3H3PO4
  • Production of aluminum sulfate AL2(SO4)3 which is used in water treatment to produce Aluminum hydroxide (coagulant)
  • As a component of nitrating mixture in making nitro-substituted organic compounds (dyestuff, pharmaceuticals precursors, explosives)
  • As a dehydrating agent in chemical processes such as diethyl ether preparation, esterification reactions and so on
  • To produce sulfonated organic compounds used as pharmaceuticals. dyes intermediates and others
  • As a catalyst for electrophilic reactions in industry and laboratory (i.e. for the reaction of isobutene with isobutylene to give isooctane and to caprolactam)
  • In the purification of petroleum to remove impurities out of gasoline and other refinery products
  • In picking of metals, electroplating baths, nonferrous metallurgy
  • As an electrolyte in lead-acid batteries
  • Concentrated acid is used as a general dehydrating agent for gases



47kg jerry cans and bulk in tankers.