Advantage of KELPHOS fertilizer

  • Suitable for all types of crops
  • Lowest price per kg
  • It is the cheapest source of Sulphur for the soil
  • CaO improve Moisture holding capacity of soil and helps crops to grow when rain is erratic
  • Important in development of root system & nutrients from the deep in the soil
  • Agronomically also suitable for dry land forming
  • The additional advantage in SSP Fertilizer is that it contains vital nutrient of Sulphur & Calcium without additional cost

Importance of phosphorus for Crops

  • It is an important source of energy for plants
  • It develops roots of the plants is better way which helps them to absorb elements from soil
  • It helps the crops to ripen in time
  • It makes grains healthy which earn farmers a fair consideration for their crops
  • It increases storage capacity of crops for long durations and prevents fruits and vegetables from rotting
  • Agriculture Scientists have proved that it is profitable to administer KELPHOS Super phosphate along with Urea or CAN in place of Diammonium phosphate (DAP) to crops

Importance of Sulphur in crops

  • Like Nitrogen, Phosphorous, Potash required for plants, Sulphur is also an essential element for high yield of crops
  • Because of growing crops year after year, the soil becomes Sulphur deficient. The deficiency of Nitrogen and Phosphorous is compensated by farmers by using Urea & DAP but, they do not use anything to eliminate Sulphur deficiency which affects productivity of crops
  • Generally, crops of grains absorb 3-4kg of Sulphur to produce 1MT of product; pulses absorb 6-8kg of Sulphur to produce 1MT of product while Oil-seeds need 10-12kg of Sulphur to produce 1MT of product
  • If the deficiency of Sulphur is compensated to soil, it gives15-30% high productivity of crops besides giving good quality of product
  • It increases capacity of plants to cope with disease

Importance of Calcium for crops

  • It strengthens the plants
  • It is a good soil conditioner
  • It helps in improving PH in acidic land and unlock most of essential nutrients from soil
  • It helps in developing roots and overall growth of plants
  • It helps to make the grain strong and healthy
  • It gives strength to stem of plants thereby they absorb contents from soil at maximum level which prevents them from diseases resulting into health crops

Management Practices

  • No special agronomic or handling precautions are required for SSP
  • Its agronomic effectiveness is similar to other dry or liquid phosphate fertilizers


50kg bags