Sulphuric Acid

Sulphuric Acid is manufactured in our fully automated Plant thus ensuring quality of high degree.

Sulphuric Acid is derived by the process i.e. Combustion of elemental Sulphur dioxide then

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Sulphate of Alumina

Hydrated aluminium sulphate in the form of white to brown coloured kibbles, granules or powder.

Aluminium sulphate is best known for the treatment of turbid water by "floc" formation.

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Sodium Sulphate

Sodium sulphate in its natural form is also known as Glauber's salt or mirabilite.

Deposits are formed by the natural evaporative concentration of dissolved salts entering isolated drainage basins by leaching of the surrounding terrain and via brine springs.

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Superphosphate Fertiliser

Straight Phosphatic Fertilizer. Mostly to be used at the time of preparation of land (Basal).

It contains 16% water soluble phosphate which is readily accepted by the crops.

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Kel Green Multinutrient Fertiliser

Kelgreen planting fertilizer not only provides your plants with phosphorous and potassium but also some starter nitrogen together with calcium and sulphur .

The sulphur acts as a catalyst for chlorophyll operation and improves the protein content, apart from having a fungicide / pesticide function.

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