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How to Select Your Industrial Chemicals Suppliers

With the growing trends in globalization, industrial operations have become too much integrated, such that an instance in one manufacturer or supplier sends shockwaves across the entire industry and value chain. And, as the saying goes, a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. As a manufacturer, you want to be sure that you do not have a single weak link, since by Murphy’s Law, the link could break at any time, precipitating heavy losses.

To avoid this, below are a few points to consider when choosing your industrial chemicals suppliers.


Quality of Ingredients

The quality of the ingredients that go into your manufacturing process greatly determine the quality of the end product that you eventually deliver to your customers. High quality ingredients will almost certainly translate to high quality products, and the vice versa. Thus, in order to maintain consistently high standards of product quality, you must choose the supplier with correspondingly high quality of industrial chemicals for your ingredients.



The price that industries have to pay for the supplies has for long been the single most important factor in their selection criteria. However, most production managers have discovered that there are more metrics into the equation besides the cost of acquisition of supplies, which affect the overall cost of the product. For instance, though sourcing low cost industrial chemicals might seem appealing, the end product might not please the customer, which could lead to loss of business. As such, while cost of industrial chemicals is an important factor, the most important consideration should be striking a balance between affordability of the ingredients, and satisfying customer needs at an affordable price.



If you plan to run your mills optimally, then you cannot compromise on the reliability of industrial your chemicals suppliers. Recall what we said about a weak link in the supply chain? Unreliable suppliers can lead to excessive down times in your production processes, and hence lower productivity, and losses. Therefore, evaluating the supplier’s record of timeliness in the delivery of supplies could save your company down times, and cash.


Customer Service

To what extent is your industrial chemicals supplier willing to go to ensure your satisfaction with the services and products you get from them? Most manufacturers and suppliers nowadays conduct reviews of customer satisfaction, and will care to know if there are more needs that they could help you meet. Reliable suppliers could seek deeper integration of your business operations, which could benefit you through lower product costs, prioritization of your orders, and faster turn-around-time for your deliveries, which could improve your bottom line and help you grow.



When seeking a good supplier for your industrial chemicals, consider the quality of supplies, cost of satisfying your customers’ needs, reliability of supplies, and level of customer services. Few companies can afford this, unless they manufacture the supplies in-house, which allows for quality assurance, best price, and consistency, like Kel Chemicals. 

Kel Chemicals is the leading manufacturer and supplier of industrial chemicals in Kenya and the wider East and Central Africa region.  


KEL Chemicals is East and Central Africa’s leading manufacturer of phosphate fertilizers and sulphuric acid-based industrial chemicals. Since our company’s inception in 1977, we have maintained high production standards that exceed the stringent quality criteria set by ...


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