KEL Rock Phosphate MSDS

Product Description

  • Product Name Calcium fluoride phosphate
  • Molecular Formula Ca5 (PO4)3F
  • General Name Natural Grinded Calcium Phosphate
    (Rock Phosphate)
  • Chemical Family Inorganic Phosphate

General Composition

  • Quartz 14808-60-7 Proprietary 0.1 mg/m3*
  • PEL Permissible Exposure Limit established by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.
  • TLV Threshold Limit Value recommended by the American conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists.

Major Applications

It is used as Fertilizer.

Health Hazards
Identification &

Primary Routes of Exposure and Target Organs : Inhalation, eye and skin contact, ingestion

  • Inhaled The same minor irritation as inhaling dust. Remove to fresh air.
  • Eye Irritating eye the same as common dust. Use eye drop suitable for dust.
  • Skin No data available. Wash skin with water.
  • Swallowed Will not cause any harm. Rinse mouth out with water.
  • Chronic No data available


Fire and Explosion Data

  • Flash Point (°F) : Does not apply
  • Flammable Limits in Air (% by volume) :
    Lower - Not determined
    Upper-Not determined
  • Extinguishing Media : Suitable for surrounding fire
  • Auto Ignition Temperature : Not determined
  • Unusual Fire and Explosion Hazards : Under fire conditions phosphate rock will not support
  • Special Fire Fighting Procedures : Phosphate rock is not
    combustible. Use extinguishing agent: as appropriate for
    materials in surrounding fire.
  • Reactivity Data
    Unstable Stable Conditions : To Avoid - Does not apply Incompatibility (Materials To Avoid) : None determined Hazardous Decomposition Products : Thermal decomposition will evolve oxides of phosphorous and calcium. Hazardous Polymerization may Occur : Will Not occur Conditions to Avoid : Does not apply
  • Personal Protection Information
    There is no personal protection needed.
  • Special Precautions
    Precautions to be taken in handling & storing. Store in dry area. Avoid dispersing material into air.