Alumnium Sulphate MSDS

Product Description

  • Product Name Aluminum Sulphate (non ferric)
  • Molecular FormulaAL2(SO4)3.n.H2O
  • Molecular Weight 594
  • Physical Appearance It is white to off-white in colour. It is available in slabs, kibbles and powder form as per requirements of customer.

Major Applications

  • Used for purification of drinking water.
  • Used as a loading material for better grades of paper.
  • Used for clarifying oils and fats in the preparation of pure Aluminium salts.
  • Used for injection in the cell bearing formation for pressure maintenance.
  • Pure grade of the materials are used for pharmaceutical preparation.
  • Used in fire proofing and water proofing of cloth and concrete.
  • Used in dewatering and decolourising of petroleum products.
  • Used in antiperspirants and toiletries.
  • Used as soil conditioner/fertilizer/pesticide.

Health Hazards
Identification &

Aluminium Sulphate (non ferric) is not a hazardous material. However, dust is in some instances irritating when in contact with eyes, skin of mucous membranes and can be avoided by the use of protective clothing.


  • Fire Hazards Aluminium Sulphate does not catch fire. Therefore there are no special precautions associated in handling Aluminium Sulphate.
  • Storage Aluminium Sulphate (non ferric) is not affected by atmospheric and temperature variations when stored under normal conditions. The product is however, slightly hygroscopic and should not come in direct contact with moisture.
  • Packing
    • 50 Kg net powder in polypropylene bags with polypropylene liner.
  • Choice of Material Aluminium Sulphate (non ferric) is non corrosive and all types of normal structural materials may be used for its storage and transportation. Aluminium Sulphate solution has a low pH and therefore all parts in contact with solution must be made of plastic, stainless steel or other acid resistant material.
  • Transportation: Aluminium Sulphate can be transported by road in trucks, by rail in wagons or through containers or otherwise by sea.