Our Business Focus

KEL Chemicals is experiencing unprecedented growth, thanks to a new and more dynamic business approach, that leverages on the company's human resource and latest production technologies to develop innovative market-driven products that exceed customer demands.

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Customer Focus

Creating and sustaining market dominance isn't easy, with the ever-changing customer demands. However, by investing more in understanding what our customers need, we have been able to satisfy all our existing customers, and reached out for more. We focus on tailor-made solutions for our various markets, which ensure that our customers only pay for what they need. We have thus packaged our fertilizers and industrial chemicals in quantities that fit customer requirements and budgets.

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Application of Technology

A sure way to guarantee efficiency and innovation is by investing in technology. We understand this, and we have thus invested in the latest production technologies, and will continue to do so. Increased demand for KEL Chemicals’ fertilizers and industrial chemicals has necessitated that we scale up our production capacity. Adoption of modern technology has enabled us to implement a lean production strategy.

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Flexibility to Market Environment

We understand the key role that fertilizers play in enhancing farm productivity, and in economic empowerment of rural communities. Our business strategy focuses on deepening our market penetration both in Kenya and regionally, to ensure that all farmers have access to high quality and affordable fertilizers for both subsistence and commercial farming. We see this as being our contribution towards enhancing the region’s food and nutritional security.

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Manufacture on Demand Product

Given the growing application of our products in the market, we are now open to the production of various products on demand. For instance, are you a large distributor of fertilizers or industrial chemicals wishing to grow your market dominance by selling the products under your own brand? We are open to discussions, to explore more ways through which we can help you grow your business.

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Be a Partner

We have our hand outstretched to welcome you aboard as a partner to Kel Chemicals.

We believe on high ethical standards, mutual business interest, trust and respect. We also believe in making a complete network of business partners to make available our products across all business scope.

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KEL Chemicals is East and Central Africa’s leading manufacturer of phosphate fertilizers and sulphuric acid-based industrial chemicals. Since our company’s inception in 1977, we have maintained high production standards that exceed the stringent quality criteria set by ...


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