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At the core of KEL Chemical’s success in the manufacture of industrial chemicals and fertilizers, is heavy reliance on the latest production technologies. Since 1977, we have invested in innovative systems that ensure the highest grades of the following among other products:

• Surphuric Acid – Technical Grade

• Surphuric Acid – Battery grade 

• Aluminium Sulphate

• Kelphos Planting Fertilizer

We adopt the lean-manufacture philosophy, which focuses on satisfying customer demand through consistency in the quality of output, reduced wastage, and high production efficiency. Through continuous product improvements, we have been able to meet the demands of customers requiring product modifications, or derivatives made from combinations of our various products.


          Standardization Mark                                          Diamond Mark of Quality                                         National Environment Management Authority (NEMA) - MOE                             


KEL Chemicals is East and Central Africa’s leading manufacturer of phosphate fertilizers and sulphuric acid-based industrial chemicals. Since our company’s inception in 1977, we have maintained high production standards that exceed the stringent quality criteria set by ...


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