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Unlike other companies, which bring in ready-made products and push them into local markets, we manufacture our products locally at our factory in Thika, Kiambu County – Kenya. We believe in the local capacity to develop world-class solutions to power our agricultural and industrial revolution.

We have invested heavily in research. We seek to understand what local conditions and industries need, and given our rich technological heritage, we develop innovative solutions that meet demand at a fraction of the cost that the competition dictates. 

For this reason, more farmers today use the Kelphos range of non-acidic fertilizers, for their [fertilizers] affordability and proven yield boosting formula. Likewise, water purification plants rely on Aluminium Sulphate from KEL Chemicals to guarantee the purity of the water taken by millions of consumers across Eastern Africa. Above all, more cars than you could probably imagine, and solar energy storage systems across the region use batteries filled with Sulphuric Acid from KEL Chemicals.

The extent to which KEL Chemicals products impact the lives of the people in East and Central Africa region can only be limited by one’s imagination. For indeed, it would be hard to imagine how life was before KEL Chemicals came around. 

So, what are your most urgent requirements for fertilizers and industrial chemicals? We have the best options for you and at the best rates in the market.


          Standardization Mark                                          Diamond Mark of Quality                                         National Environment Management Authority (NEMA) - MOE                             


KEL Chemicals is East and Central Africa’s leading manufacturer of phosphate fertilizers and sulphuric acid-based industrial chemicals. Since our company’s inception in 1977, we have maintained high production standards that exceed the stringent quality criteria set by ...


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