P205 19% S11%, CaO 21%



Straight Phosphatic Fertilizer. Mostly to be used at the time of preparation of land (Basal). It contains 16% water soluble phosphate which is readily accepted by the crops. Phosphate is an essential plant nutrient which helps the plant to develop critical phosphatides like nucleic acids, proteins, phospholipids & coenzymes.

It helps in cell division and stimulates root development. It is essential for growth of meristematic growth of seeds & fruits. Manufacturing involves acidulation of Phosphatic Rocks. In addition to phosphates it contains Calcium (21.0%) & Sulfur which Improves the soil texture and structure and thereby coil fertility is maintained.

Continued application of high Analysis Fertilizers like complexes deplets the soil of these two essential nutrients. Reduce wastage of Phosphates since can be applied as per exact requirement of the crops grown, rather than a blanket approach as in case of fixed NPK ratio formulations.

Fertilization needs of Oilseeds and Pulses (Leguminous Crops) which can directly absorb atmospheric Nitrogen through bacterial nodules in its root, are best catered through Single Super Phosphates, rather than NPK formulations where most of Nitrogen supplied is wasted.

This is a fertilizer that is commonly used for all crops. KELPHOS SSP use give high yield, is very good fertilzer for Phosphorous and Sulphur deficient soils. The use of KELPHOS fertilizer assists crops in the following ways:-

  • Flowering starts early and lots of flowers comes.   
  • The plant grow healthy and growth of plant is accelerated.   
  • Plants are able to take Nutrients from the soil. Due to this process, plants are able to stand healthy until harvesting. 
  • It keeps the balance effect of Nutrients and KELPHOS fertilizer in the soil, thus soil fertility is maintained with                required dose of NPK.
  • The crop harvesting time is redused. The pods are full and bigger in size.   
  • The Phosphorous and Sulphur contents help in higher oil content with proteins.   
  • It reduses the requirement of pestcides, and protects the plants from disease.   
  • The soil water use efficiency increases. Thus this further helps too increase the yields.   
  • All crops required P right from the day 1 of the planting, and continue taking P untill harvest. The fertilizer does not           leach.
  • CaO help the formation of cell, holds the flowers and pods with strength. The stalk become stronger.

KELPHOS Single Super Phosphate (SSP)

SSP is a basal dressing fertilizer. It is applied at the time of crop sowing /transplanting because phosphate is immoveable in nature and applied in the root zone of the plants.Single Super Phosphate (SSP) is a Phosphatic Fertilizer & contains the following: 

i) 19% P205 (phosphorous) (16% P205 in Water Soluble Form)

ii) 11% Sulphur

iii) 21% Calcium


Powder SSP is useful in short duration crops such as Oil Seeds, Pulses, and Vegetables etc.


Granulated SSP is effective and useful in long duration crops like Sugar cane, Wheat, and Paddy etc.


SSP is very effective and result oriented in Sulphur deficient soils and Sulphur loving crops like Oil Seeds, Pulses, etc.


Sulphur increases oil content and protein in seeds.


The use of SSP is found to increase crop yield by 15-30% more than other fertilizers due to Sulphur nutrient besides improving quality of the produce.


SSP is a good soil conditioner due to presence of Gypsum (48-49%) in it. Gypsum helps to remove the alkalinity from soil and acts as a conditioner.



The recommended dose of SSP is 3 bags of 50 kg per acre but it varies from crop to crop as per soil requirements.


Available Packs

50 Kg HDPE woven sacks.


Since the use of the products is beyond our control, we do not take any guarantee for the results of the product, except its uniform quality as per the standard norms and specifications.

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